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2001 Speeches

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President's Letter to Alumni and Friends of the University

November 2001

"...This is the twelfth letter of this kind that I have written. Our common experience of September 11 and events since have made this one the most difficult of all to compose." Full text.

President's Page

Alumni Magazine, Winter 2001

"In its second century of existence, the automobile is an indispensable part of our lives. The largest part of the ground most of us cover in any given day, we cover inside a motor vehicle. It is an empowering machine that has very literally expanded human horizons. Occasionally, however, the automobile is a mixed blessing." Full text.

President's Page

Alumni Magazine, Fall 2001

"When I was eighteen, Anne Freudenberg hired me to work in the Alderman Library’s Manuscripts Room — a section of the second floor known simply as 'Manuscripts.' In those days, the library was acquiring Clifton Waller Barrett’s great collection of Americana, and our special collections were beginning to be what they are today — the Special Collections Library. Full text.

Remarks to Students at New Student Convocation

August 26, 2001, The Lawn

"This time of year, faculty members commonly observe that students seem to be getting younger. Psychologists call it denial, I think. Personally, when I see new students, I experience an even stranger dissociation. Like you, but 40 years ago, I was a first-time student here. " Full text.

Remarks at Memorial Service for September 11

September 14, 2001, U-Hall

"We gather to affirm that love is greater than hate; that friendship is stronger than enmity; good is stronger than evil -- that tolerance for difference is the way to peace, that working together to build rather than to destroy is our maker’s purpose for our lives." Full text.

State of the University Address

April 18, 2001

"I had a conversation the other night with one of our colleagues about the notion that the entire landscape in which we work has changed in recent times. The ways in which the University is financed, its relationship to the state that sponsors it, its relationship to its own future as we attempt to devise different ways of planning and committing resources, and so on. All of those variables make this a very different institution from what it was ten or fifteen years ago." Full text.
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