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2002 Speeches

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Memorandum to University Community: Building a Welcoming Community

November 2002

"The University of Virginia takes great pride in the diversity of its student body. At the same time, we recognize that racial tolerance and mutual respect do not necessarily have long histories here." Full text.

Letter to Alumni and Friends of the University

October 2002

"This year’s fall letter has been a challenge to write. The mood on Grounds is a complex story because we have the combination of what may be the strongest entering class ever, a serious regional drought, a record year for alumni and donor support, and the worst state budget crisis in Virginia’s history." Full text.

Memorandum to University Employees: Implementation of Budget
Reduction Plans

October 2, 2002

"The news media have been reporting that the State’s financial condition continues to deteriorate. The Governor requested and the University and all other state agencies submitted plans on September 20 for new budget cuts (in addition to the reductions already built into the current year’s operating budget) of 7%, 11%, and 15%." Full text.

September 11 Remembrance

September 11, 2002, University Hall

"There are times when events defeat words. When the unimaginable overwhelms our ability to understand. Language centers in the brain break down. And our senses take over. We need now to get beyond the language or shock and outrage to discover new words of reflection and renewal." Full text.
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President's Page

Alumni Magazine, Fall 2002

"In the coming year, the University will again absorb reductions in financial support from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Last spring’s recession has left many states in trouble this year—an effect of last spring's recession. Sad to say, Virginia’s trouble is deeper. Because it went into recession while increasing spending (albeit not for education or transportation, which are the hardest-hit functions just now), Virginia expects prolonged difficulty pulling out of the dive and restoring stability." Full text.

Remarks to Students at New Student Convocation

August 25, 2002, The Lawn

"Look around. One hundred eighty-five years ago, surveying the rough, scrabbled terrain of an untended field ("old turned-out field"), Thomas Jefferson stood more or less where you now sit." Full text.

Presidential Leadership: Intellectual Vocation, Moral Mandate

Fall 2002 issue of The Presidency (ACE publication)

"Aristotle and Cicero, Dante and Machiavelli, John Stuart Mill and Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frederick Douglass, Yeats and Sartre, Edmund Wilson and Hannah Arendt—all felt empowered and obligated to comment on public policy. College and university presidents have sometimes played this role as well." Full text.

President's letter to Mayor Caravati regarding progression of parking garage project

June 14, 2002

"I write in response to your letter of May 21, 2002, about the Emmet Street/Ivy Road parking garage and your proposal for non-binding arbitration on issues related to the garage." Full text.

John T. Casteen, III
State of the University Address

April 25, 2002

John T. Casteen, III
"The last several months have been perplexing and perhaps discouraging times for all of us, certainly for anyone who is aware of public events or involved in or dependent on the budget of the State of Virginia. The state's managerial and financial and budgetary problems have been very much in the news. These problems matter here because so much of our enterprise is either financed in whole or in part or regulated in whole or in part by the state." Full text.

President's Letter to Alumni and Friends of the University

May 2002

"Springtime came on Charlottesville and the University with a note of uncertainty this year. Our winter was mild and dry. As the days lengthened, the redbuds and daffodils appeared at about the usual time, but their blossoms (nipped by an April freeze and probably somewhat parched) were less plentiful and perhaps thinner than usual." Full text.
Alumni Magazine, Summer 2002

President’s Page

Alumni Magazine, Summer 2002

"In 1837, Ralph Waldo Emerson called the American scholar "the world’s eye." By this, Emerson means that the scholar looks at the world and detects meaning and order where others might see undifferentiated matter. Like the world before creation, described in the King James Bible as "without form and void," the scholar’s world invites creating, interpreting, discovering, and inventing." Full text.

VIRGINIA 2020 PRIORITIES: Report to the Board of Visitors

April 2002

"This report covers the University’s Virginia 2020 goals for the next five years. These goals derive from the VA 2020 planning initiatives and from related activities undertaken by various units of the University." Full text.

Academic Earmarking: Unanswered Questions

Published in the Winter 2002 issue of The Presidency (ACE publication)

"In an era of vaulting institutional ambitions and contracting economies, colleges and universities have become ever more expansive in seeking dollars to support growing research agendas. It may be that great needs and appeals widely cast are undermining what we seek to support." Full text.

President's Page

Alumni Magazine, Spring 2002

"Larry Sabato, whose story is told in these pages, may well be the best example on the national stage of what one might call the new American public intellectual. As a scholar and teacher, he reaches people both inside and outside the academy." Full text.

President's Page

Alumni Magazine Winter 2002

"When David Harrison III (College ’39, Law ‘41) died on June 8 at his farm, Flowerdew, the University lost a great friend. Few have understood more clearly than he did how learning and living are co-mingled here at the University. Always, in sustaining one, Mr. Harrison affirmed the other." Full text.