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Statement from John T. Casteen III Regarding Sexual Assault Policies and Practices

November 22, 2004

"For the last several weeks, discussion and debate have occurred here on the Grounds and in the print media about how we ought to adjudicate allegations of sexual assault." Full text.

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Employee Briefing on Commonwealth Charter Status

November 17, 2004

"This is the sixth of our scheduled briefings on what's being done with regard to what is still being called the charter legislation, although I'm told the name may change as we go through the rest of the process.".

President Casteen Reminds Students to Celebrate with Caution

November 2004

"As he has done every year since the tragic loss of a University student to an alcohol-related death in 1997, President Casteen has written a letter to the student body about celebrating responsibly during the weekend of the last home football game." Full text.
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"The New Deal: Why the University Needs Charter Status"

Alumni News Winter 2004

"The effort to secure formal charters for the University, the College of William and Mary, and Virginia Tech has been much in the news this fall.  After operating for almost 15 years under the radically reduced State appropriations that began in 1990, and after understanding that the State is not coming back to the table—at least not as the sustaining partner it was before—the three universities have made what is for Virginia a major move." Full text.

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Alumni News Winter 2004

"Last spring, I asked in this column whether a small group of alumni might want to go walking in England. At the time, I had no idea as to what interest might exist. As it turned out, the interest was and is considerable, and it extends well beyond the single trip that I suggested then. Several wrote to express interest in a content-rich, physically active trip and an ongoing program of trips." Full text.

Audio Stream of John T. Casteen III at the
Employee Briefing on Commonwealth Charter Status

November 9, 2004

"This is the fifth of the six sessions that we plan to have to provide both updates and general background on the charter proposals intended for faculty, staff, and students. So we're trying to cover a number of different interests in these presentations. ".

Audio Stream of John T. Casteen III at the
Employee Briefing on Commonwealth Charter Status

September 21, 2004

"This is the second of what I think will be altogether six briefings for University employees on the legislation proposed to give the University and two other Virginia institutions charters."
Listen to the Audio Stream of the September 21, 2004 Employee Briefing.

Audio Stream of John T. Casteen III at the
Press Conference on Commonwealth Charter Status

September 9, 2004

"This session is a briefing for the press on the proposed charter legislation that we and Virginia Tech and William & Mary have put in for the upcoming session ... As you know, the Governor and both of the identified candidates for Governor and a number of other public figures have discussed this proposal in recent days in the press. We are at work now with the Governor and with the legislative leadership on a set of issues that both they and we think need to be addressed before we can be comfortable that we have exactly the right proposal.".

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Alumni News Fall 2004

"The late Clark Kerr, president of the University of California, coined the term 'multiversity' to characterize the varieties of work done in modern research universities. He wanted to link research to teaching and to make the ivory tower (i.e., the university conceived as a protective home for research or scholarship) a force in shaping the surrounding economy. More recently, Amy Gutmann, the incoming president at Penn, has discussed the modern university's function as ivory tower, community of learning, and what she calls service station." Full text.

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Alumni News Summer 2004

"Alumni who studied on the Grounds prior to about 1970, when full co-education began, often remark about the extent to which the University has changed. Take the case of financial aid. When I came in 1961, financial aid for students and the job placement office were small enough operations that one person ran a single office for both. Prices charged to students were relatively low. Most families could afford or come close to affording these prices. Students who needed aid, as I did, took out relatively small loans, received relatively small scholarships, and picked up part-time jobs." Full text.

John T. Casteen III
State of the University Address

April 14, 2004

"I have the pleasure as we begin this year's State of the University Address, to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister and the Education Minister of Singapore and other members of the delegation from that nation, who have come to study our evolving financial relationship with the state of Virginia." Full text.
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Alumni News Spring 2004

"Ten or twelve times over 25 years, I have participated in University-sponsored group trips—here in the U.S.; in England, Ireland, and Scotland; in France, Spain, and Italy; in Germany, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Holland. Sometimes, I have joined groups for a day or two, and at other times, I have taken entire trips. Each trip has provided chances to make new friends and renew old friendships and has been wonderfully instructive and pleasant." Full text.