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2005 Speeches

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Alumni News Winter 2005

"In my last column, I wrote about how our summer storms changed the University's landscape. I described the violent weather that toppled trees, mangled gardens, and generally tore up the Grounds with furious winds, rain and lightning. At the beginning of the fall semester, we experienced a different kind of disturbance..." Full text.

President Casteen's Statement on Diversity at the U.Va. vs. Duke Football Game

September 24, 2005

Watch the video.

A Statement from President Casteen on Recent Racial Incidents

September 20, 2005

"During the last several weeks, our African-American students have been the targets of verbal abuse and harassment whose severity has become a matter of serious concern to our students, to their families, to the Board of Visitors, and to me." Full text.

President Casteen's Speech on Diversity

September 16, 2005

"We’ve gathered this afternoon to express our common opposition, our sense of moral indignation in reaction to a series of incidents in which persons who want to intimidate students and other members of this community have used the language of racial abuse and racial intolerance in ways intended to drive apart this community." Full text.

Bias Incident Reporting Protocols and Procedures from University President John T. Casteen III

September 15, 2005

"The following steps are now under way to implement those parts of the Working Group for Racial and Nonracial Bias Reporting report that relate to the charge originally given to this group, and to disclose what has been done with various recommendations that do not fall within the working group's charge and (in one instance) to respond to a recommendation that has not passed review for legal sufficiency." Full text.

A Diversity Statement from President Casteen

September 2005

"We value diversity here because it has to do with the human richness, the variety of experiences and backgrounds and perspectives and reasons for learning that distinguish us as people based on our own backgrounds, our own expectations, our own prior experience ." Watch the video.

Statement on Racial Incidents at the University of Virginia from University President John T. Casteen III

August 29, 2005

"Late last week and continuing into the weekend, the Division of Student Affairs and the University and local police received and investigated a remarkable series of complaints about racial insults directed toward University students. On Saturday afternoon, a public meeting called by University students to protest these abuses was held at the Rotunda." Full text.

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Alumni News Fall 2005

"Along with most other towns in the mid-Atlantic and Southern states, Charlottesville has had its share of tornados and possible-tornados, sudden storms sometimes said to be microbursts, hurricanes, and similar events." Full text.

Letter to Alumni, Parents, and Friends of the University

June 2005

"The final weeks of the spring semester always bring special pleasures and surprises to these Grounds. From one year to the next, the sequence of the appearance of spring blossoms changes as late-winter cold or early warmth, damp or dry spells, and other natural forces shape the season." Full text.

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Alumni News Summer 2005

"In the middle of a chilly and damp March, we have only seen occasional crocuses and daffodils at Carr's Hill. Walking the dogs this morning I found no redbuds visible, and just a bit of snow or ice blowing in the morning wind." Full text.

President's State of the University Address

March 22, 2005

"This is the annual State of the University report or address. I should say that the bulk of the information that you may want to keep as a permanent record is in a booklet [ Fact Book] ..." Click the icon below to listen to the audio stream, watch the video stream or read the transcript of President Casteen's address.
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Alumni News Spring 2005

"Since spring is a season of celebrations—recall the opening lines of The Canterbury Tales—this may be a good time to celebrate some of the uncommon accomplishments of our students and faculty over the last several months. Sooner or later, these accomplishments redefine the University in every era." Full text.