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2006 Speeches

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Meeting the Challenge

Winter 2006

"On September 29, in a public session held in the Old Cabell Hall auditorium before some 500 students, faculty members, alumni, and volunteer backers of the University, the Board of Visitors officially launched the Campaign for the University of Virginia—our $3-billion undertaking to assure future financing for academic and other improvements in the University and its programs." Full Text.

Bon Voyage

Fall 2006

"The author of a letter published in a recent issue of this magazine asked about travel programs for alumni. Good question. Our travel programs are evolving in several important ways, and it is time for a report." Full Text.

Fair Wages: President's Letter In the University of Virginia Magazine

Summer 2006

"Springtime in Charlottesville this year has been the most splendid of all seasons, and also something else. Warm weather came and went twice before spring finally started. Some nights, temperatures dipped to 30 degrees, and then we had 80 degrees the next day; drought gave way to monsoon, then suddenly all things green and glorious came all at once—azaleas, dogwoods, bright tendrils of new ivy. In the same season, the “living wage” campaign returned, but in a new form." Full Text.

President Casteen's Annual State of the University Address

April 21, 2006

The discursive part of this year's report covers our condition today, as well as issues to be addressed in the future.
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A Letter to the Community from President Casteen on Competitive Compensation at the University

April 20, 2006

"This is a summary of issues related to competitive compensation for entry-level classified employees. It offers a perspective on recent events here and elsewhere involving what is sometimes called the living wage methodology for determining entry-level wages." .

Proposal for the Students Occupying Madison Hall Lobby

April 14, 2006

"I learned this morning that your group suggested to Ms. Lampkin that we provide a proposal to resolve the current impasse. I am concerned about your well-being, and about the prospect that the inconvenience to you and to various persons who have not been able to conduct business owing to your occupancy of the lobby may be counter-productive for everyone at this point. Persons now unable to conduct normal business in Madison Hall have the right to resume normal operations.".

Statement from President Casteen to Students Regarding Compensation for Contract Employees

April 12, 2006

"This is to acknowledge the statement distributed this morning when you occupied Madison Hall's lobby, and to provide additional information for you. I am attaching a letter (originally restricted as Attorney-Client Privileged Advice) addressed to Mr. Sandridge. We understand that an official opinion similar or identical to this letter is forthcoming.".

President Casteen's Statement on Competitive Compensation

March 7, 2006

"This is background information on University policies and practices with regard to market-competitive compensation for employees, with special attention to the circumstances of employees whose salaries fall at the lower end of the wage scale.  It covers both our own employees and employees of contractors who work in the University.".