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Poster submission has closed.

Posters display work that is current, completed or published in the last two years.


The competition was open to all post-docs, resident physicians, clinical fellows, graduates, and undergraduates. Faculty may be involved, as last author.

  • Postdocs, resident physicians, clinical fellows: Includes all postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and research associates as well as resident physicians and clinical fellows at UVA. Note: Postdocs, resident physicians, and clinical fellows are eligible to submit under the Graduate track.
  • Graduate Students: Includes any student working on a degree of any type that is beyond an undergraduate degree at UVa.
  • Undergraduate: Includes individuals registered as an undergraduate student at UVa.

To see submitted posters, please click here.

To recognize research as a central part of the UVA mission, a Pan-University Research Poster Competition was held to highlight high-impact and innovative growth areas for UVa research. President Sullivan presented the prizes to the winners at the event on April 29, 2013.

Award Categories

  • Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Biosciences, & Health
  • Humanities, Social, & Behavioral, & Economic Sciences
  • Law, Business, Policy, & Education
  • Translational & Applied Research
  • Performing & Fine Arts & Architecture

Criteria for Awards

  • Quality of inquiry, performance, design, outcomes
  • Potential impact on society
  • Advance in knowledge
  • Innovation, creativity, risk-taking, exploration at frontiers
  • Collaborations with internal and external partners

Judges from all disciplines and scored the posters on each of the above criteria. Judges will used the same criteria plus the in person presentation of the poster to judge the final winners.


Three "finalists" in each of the categories were selected. There were 2 separate tracks: graduate and undergraduate students. Note: Postdocs, resident physicians, and clinical fellows were eligible to submit under the Graduate track.

Three finalists in each Grad & UG category and ultimately one winner for each:

  • Physical & Environmental Sciences- 3 Grad finalists -> 1 Grad winner
  • Physical & Environmental Sciences- 3 Undergraduate finalist -> 1 UG winner

7 categories x 6 finalists in each= 42 posters printed/displayed. 14 were selected as winners. All submissions are on the website. After the judging session on Monday, April 29 winning posters be on display in the Rotunda for the entire week of May 6, 2013 so that thousands of visitors can view them.


$500 travel funds to each winner (14).

President Sullivan attended the finalist event on April 29, and awarded the winner of each category a blue ribbon.