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Email from Tom Faulders, President of the Alumni Association, to Alumni

June 15, 2012 — After making history as the University of Virginia's first female president, Teresa Sullivan earned widespread popularity and respect among U.Va.'s faculty, staff, students and its alumni around the world. Her resignation, resulting from philosophical differences with the Board of Visitors, has shocked and angered many in the University community and has attracted national media coverage. An email yesterday from John Simon, executive vice president and provost, and Michael Strine, executive vice president and chief operating officer, made it clear that the "Board of Visitors' action is resolute and authoritative." They clearly state that there is no going back, no reconciliation and no changing this decision. Those are the facts as we know them.

A big part of the Alumni Association's mission is to keep alumni in touch with each other and well informed about events at the University—an undertaking that has been particularly difficult during the past week. Since Sunday's announcement, there has been nothing we've been able to add to what's already been discussed in various statements from the Board of Visitors and other members of the U.Va. community or reported by the media. We have compiled a timeline of these official University communications that you may find helpful. We will continuously update this page as new information becomes available.

Just as you have, we have been reading newspaper articles, their accompanying comments, Facebook discussions, blogs and Twitter feeds. We have also received numerous emails and phone calls from alumni regarding the events of the past week. Clearly, most alumni are concerned, angry and confused about the recent developments at our beloved university.

This leads us to another critical part of the Alumni Association's mission—to help alumni have a strong voice at their alma mater. We have created an official repository in which alumni can share their concerns, questions and comments with the Board of Visitors.

Please visit this page if you would like to weigh in.

We will compile your comments and present them to university officials and the Board of Visitors by the end of next week. We also plan to provide an overview of what we hear from you in next month's U.Va. Magazine e-newsletter.

We all love this university. Please share your thoughts and ideas with those who are in decision-making positions.

Tom Faulders (CLAS '71)
President & CEO, University of Virginia Alumni Association

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