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Email from Paul G. Mahoney, Dean, School of Law

June 15, 2012 — Most of you have heard that President Sullivan resigned at the request of the Board of Visitors and have questions about why it happened and what comes next.  I first learned about the resignation shortly before the Sunday press release and was as surprised as you are.  I do not have any information about the Board’s decision beyond what has been reported.

The Law School is proud to be part of a great national institution and cares about the future of the University and its leadership.  We will focus on controlling what we can, which is continuing the Law School’s success in a way that reflects well on the University.

The past week’s events have been personally difficult for the Law School community.  Professor Doug Laycock, President Sullivan’s husband, is a deeply valued colleague.  The Law School will also be focused in the coming weeks on offering Doug and Terry our continued friendship and support.


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