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Statement from SCHEV Director Peter Blake Regarding the Reinstatement of U.Va. President Teresa Sullivan

June 26, 2012

RICHMOND — “It has been a difficult two weeks for the University of Virginia family.  This experience has tested some fundamental tenets of college and university governance.  The State Council of Higher Education is pleased the board and the president reached an agreement whereby the university can move forward to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

“There are at least two lessons to be learned from this experience.  First, we are reminded that the governance process needs to be transparent and engage the various stakeholders.  Second, public institutions today must address the need to make significant changes in how they operate as they face the challenges of financial uncertainty and demographic change and the need to prepare their students for global competition.
“Successful follow up from these lessons will be the legacy of this latest crisis as we seek to carry out the critical mission of our higher education system.”

SCHEV is the Commonwealth’s coordinating body for Virginia’s system of higher education. The agency provides policy guidance and budget recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly, and is a resource for information on higher education issues.
For more information, contact Kirsten Nelson, Director of Communications and Government Relations at kirstennelson@schev.edu  or (804) 225-2627.



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