University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification Organization

This page was last updated in 2012. It remains online as an archival record. Process Simplification was subsumed into the Organizational Excellence initiative.

The Process Simplification Steering Committee (PSSC) is comprised of senior leaders who set the strategy and direction for the Process Simplification program.  The PSSC complements the PS Advisory Committee to guide and assure the success of the program.

  • Accountable for Vision
    Set strategy and vision for the program in alignment with the University’s goals and priorities
    Actively sponsor improvement initiatives
  • Champion Projects
    Ensure optimal resources are available
    Make key organizational, policy, and procedural decisions
    Monitor impact through measureable results
  • Serve as Change Agents
    Break down barriers to change
    Demonstrate a commitment to change and improvement

Colette Sheehy, Chair, Vice President for Management and Budget
Susan Carkeek, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
James Hilton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Pat Hogan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Pat Lampkin, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer
Nancy Rivers, Chief of Staff to the President/Associate Vice President for Administration
John Simon, Executive Vice President and Provost
Thomas Skalak, Vice President for Research

The Process Simplification Advisory Committee (PSAC) is made up of a cross-section of faculty and staff who are responsible for working with the PS staff to set the direction of the program and for the successful planning and execution of projects for improved processes and services.

  • Define the Scope of Work
    Identify and prioritize projects
    Ensure alignment with institutional priorities
  • Accountable for Results
    Recommend individuals to serve on project teams
    Oversee major elements of project planning and execution
    Resolve issues and impediments to progress
    Upon implementation, monitor and assess results
  • Foster a pan-University culture of improvement
    Model the principles and values of continuous improvement
    Assist with managing change associated with an initiative
    Support educational outreach efforts

Sarah Collie, Chair, Assistant Vice President for Management and Budget
Barbara Deily, Chief Audit Executive
Rich Kovatch, Associate Vice President for Business Operations
Michael McPherson, Associate Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Christina Morell, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
David Smith, Professor of Environmental Sciences
Carol Stash Stanley, University Registrar

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