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Below you will find suggested resources for initiating process improvements. Please check back regularly for updated information on available workshops and seminars, helpful how-to guides, and reading materials.

Move to Improve Course

What's your next step toward improvement? This newly designed course provides a hands-on, interactive experience introducing participants to a variety of tools to assess and improve business processes. Each participant will leave the class with ideas and action plans to improve current processes or job activities.

Course Topics:
Discover the why
What does your customer say?
Processes that stick
It's all about performance
Improve, improve, improve

Next class: To be announced

Introduction to Process Improvement Course

This course provides an introduction to process improvement principles, methodologies, and tools for enhanced quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of processes.  Broad course topics include: a basic framework to guide improvement efforts from planning to implementation; tools to understand current processes and to research possible improvements; and the relational aspects of change and improvement.  Participants will learn essential skills to lead efforts that are data-driven, based on objective analysis, and performance oriented.  Application of knowledge will be stressed through interactive learning experiences.  Thus, participants are encouraged to identify a process in their area that they would like to improve in advance of the first class.  However, this is not a requirement for enrollment.

Course Topics:
Introduction to Process Improvement
Discover - Redesign - Realize Methodology
Improvement Tools – surveys, process mapping, benchmarking, etc.
Project Management Fundamentals
Collaborating through Teamwork
Team Dynamics
Change Management

Who Should Attend: 
Faculty and staff who are interested in streamlining work processes; saving time and resources; improving the quality of service; improving communication and coordination among units involved in cross-functional processes; and utilizing teams for improvement projects.

Next class: To be announced

Tools, Articles, Templates and Information on Process Improvement

Resources requiring approval were republished with permission. For website linked resources, your browser will take you directly to the appropriate site. Books listed with an asterisk (*) are available in the PS Office for use. Please select a topic from the categories below:

History of Quality and Improvement

Starting An Improvement Initiative


Improvement Tools

Working with Teams

Change Management

Additional Resources and Peer Programs

History of Quality and Improvement:

Starting An Improvement Initiative:

  • Planning an Improvement Project
  • "Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education," by John Dew and Molly Nearing, American Council on Higher Education (ACE), 2004 (Book*)
  • "Business Process Redesign for Higher Education," by Dougherty, Kidwell, Knight, Hubbell and Rush, NACUBO, 1994. (Book*)
  • "Process Reengineering In Action," by Richard Y. Chang, 1995. (Book*)


Improvement Tools:

Process Mapping Focus Groups Surveys Benchmarking

Additional Tools

Working with Teams:

Change Management:

Additional Resources and Peer Programs:

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