University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

Communication Action Matrix for Data Security Notification

Recent security breaches of sensitive data revealed the need for explicit communication procedures for such incidents so that persons affected can be notified in a timely manner.  In August 2007, a team was charged to create a data matrix to document sources and ownership of contact and address information for various populations (current/former faculty, staff, and students, donors, and others).  The matrix serves as a repository of contact information, including a list of systems, reports, data elements, data owners, and contact information to streamline the notification process. 

Team Members:
Brian Davis, Information Technology and Communication
Jane C. Fletcher, Office of University Development
George Stovall, Institutional Assessment and Studies
John C. Hill, University Human Resources
Kevin Savoy, Audit Department
John Teahan, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
Martha Wall, Integrated System Deployment and Support

Nannette Keenan, Process Simplification Manager
Lea Moore, Process Simplification Coordinator

Final Report and Matrix

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