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Capital Projects Authorization

In September of 2006, a team was formed to review the capital project authorization process at the University and investigate the additional flexibility and autonomy granted with the passage of the Restructuring Act and the Management Agreement. The team examined internal management procedures and workflow to ensure they support an efficient capital project management process and take full advantage of the autonomy afforded under Restructuring. The team will meet in early March for a status check of each identified area of improvement.


Team Members

Donald Sundgren, Facilities Management
Richard Rice, Facilities Management
Sack Johannesmeyer, Facilities Management
Trish Clifton, Facilities Management
Donna Cox, Facilities Management
Don Crosby, Facilities Management
Jeff Moore, Facilities Management
Earl Ward, Facilities Management
George Southwell, Facilities Management
Melody Stowe Bianchetto, Budget Office
Melissa Clarke, Budget Office
Tom Leback, University Architect’s Office
Lea Moore, Process Simplification

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