University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

Conference Organization and Planning

Multiple entities across Grounds provide conference and/or event planning services for University-sponsored and non-University sponsored events. Some members of the University community have suggested that the current event planning services available on grounds do not adequately support their conference planning needs. The Conference Organization and Planning (COP) team was established to examine the current conference planning services available to the University community and to make recommendations for enhancing those services which may result in increased institutional capacity for hosting large conferences, particularly during the academic year. The team’s final recommendations seek to: streamline conference planning services for University employees, including conference hosts, planners, and participants; coordinate services among the various conference planning providers for increased efficiency and optimal use of resources; leverage technology for enhanced conference organization and planning; promote the available conference planning resources to the University community.

Team Members

Nargis Cross, Team Lead, Office of the President
Mary Kay Ohaneson, Housing Division
Brian Cullaty, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
Laura Pence, UVA Foundation
Matthew Harris, Boar’s Head
Kim Dixon, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Zach Wheat, Strategic Communications
Rachel Dudzik, Darden School of Business
Danny Steeper, Newcomb Hall

Final Report

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