University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

University Telephone Directory

A heightened awareness of constricted resources, reports of production overruns, declines in usage, and a sensitivity to environmental sustainability led to the examination of the current University Telephone Directory production practices and whether or not more efficient processes for the dissemination of University contact information could be developed.  Analysis of the current production process revealed routine ordering in excess of actual need, resulting in additional storage and disposal costs.  External benchmarking of peer institutions demonstrated that several universities have ceased production of a print directory in favor of an online format.  Internal usage surveys showed that, on the whole, faculty, staff, and students rarely turn to the University Telephone Directory for their contact information needs.  PS has shared three options for improvement with ITC and the VPCIO: 1) Eliminate production overruns; 2) Print departmental listings only; or 3) Cease print production altogether and enhance existing electronic directory features.

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