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Process Simplification

Facilities Management Procurement Analysis

An analysis was conducted in February 2007 to identify the most feasible and beneficial business model for Facilities Management (FM) to procure goods and services.  At the time of study, the FM Materials Division had delegated procurement authority from central Procurement Services.  Historically, this arrangement was initiated to meet the unique procurement needs of FM. As a result of this assessment, which included interviews, surveys, workflow analyses and cost analyses, it was determined that the FM procurement function could be best executed by central Procurement Services.  In fall 2007, the function was relocated to Procurement Services.  The change in responsibility and centralization of the function has yielded measureable improvements including: the elimination of two full-time positions; reduction in backlogs for small dollar purchases; reduction in the volume of paper requests; and reduction in delivery time of goods.

Team Members:
Eric Denby, Procurement Services
John McHugh, Procurement Services
Don Sundgren, Facilities Management
Jay Klingel, Facilities Management

Final Report

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