University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification Teams and Reports

This page was last updated in 2012. It remains online as an archival record. Process Simplification was subsumed into the Organizational Excellence initiative.

Process Simplification Advisory Committee Projects

Current PS Projects:

Training Alignment
New Internal Financial Model
Fine and Decorative Arts Inventory

Completed Projects and Initiatives:
Clinical Budget Process - School of Medicine & U.Va.'s Physicians Group (Health Services Foundation)
University Mapping Implementation Team (UMapIT)
Conference Organization and Planning
Appointment of Postdoctoral Researchers
Moving and Relocation Process Review
Telephone Long Distance Access Code Process Review
University Telephone Directory
University Mapping Initiative
Print Publications
Capital Projects Authorization
Facilities Management Procurement Analysis
Records Management
Quality Enhancement Plan Reporting Matrix
Communication Action Matrix for Data Security Notification
Faculty Exit Procedures
Combined Advertising of Faculty Positions
Academic Certification Tracking
Student Systems Project Undergraduate Admissions Module
Social Security Number Remediation Project

Other PS Information:
2010-2011 PS Annual Report
2008-2009 PS Annual Report

Advancing Improvement and Innovation Conference - October 2008
2007-2008 PS Annual Report


Student Enrollment Services Process Owners' Group (SESPOG) & Other Process Simplification Related Teams
Note: The Student Services POG was officially disbanded in August of 2006.

Criminal Analysis Reporting and Evaluation for Students (CARES)
Catalog of Meeting Spaces and Student Spaces (COMPASS)
Charging for Newcomb Work Group Final Report
Degree Audit Reporting System Team (DARS)
Facilities Management-Capital Project Customer Service
International Studies Office
ISIS Peak Use
On-Line Reservation System (OLR)
Oracle Student System (OSS)
Prospective Undergraduates Team
SOURCE (System of University Reservations and Calendar of Events) Stabilization Team
SOURCE (System of University Reservations and Calendar of Events) Implementation Team
Student Activities Center (SAC)
Student Organizations and Programming Team
Study Abroad Enrollment Process
Summer Communications Team
Training Administration Team (TAT)
Transcript Issuance Team
University Space Utilization System (USUS)
Virginia Student Academic Audit (VISTAA)
Workers' Compensation

Administrative Services Process Owners' Group (ADMINPOG)
Note: The Administrative Services POG was officially disbanded in October 1998. Oversight and support of ADMINPOG teams still in implementation has shifted to the Integrated Systems Project (ISP).

Check Distribution
Classified Staff Hiring [ Final Report ]
Direct Deposit [ Final Report ]
Electronic Transaction Initiative
Enhanced Employee Training
Faculty Hiring Business Case/Work Group [ Final Report ]
Implementation of $5,000 LPO
Implementation of Vendor Credit Card
Local Expenditure Limits/Approval Authority [ Final Report ]
New Employee Orientation
Research Administration [ Final Report ]
Short-Term Enhancements to Sponsored Programs
Travel Reimbursement Policies and Procedures [ Summary Status Report ]
Web-Based Forms [ Final Report ]
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