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ISIS Peak Use Team

The ISIS Peak Use Work Group was established as a result of the request of Leonard Sandridge, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, to focus on processes in place and make recommendations that would ease the demand on ISIS during four peak periods: late August, when students return to Grounds; November, during pre-enrollment for the Spring semester; January, at the outset of the Spring semester; and April during pre-enrollment for the Fall semester. The goal is to make sure key processes are adequately efficient before consideration is given to any future investment of resources. Don Reynard, Director of Applications and Data Services for Information Technology and Communication (ITC), and other ITC staff played key roles in an effort to educate the work group.

Final Report (MS Word, 412 KB)

ISIS Team Members
Nancy Rivers, Chair, Office of the Vice President for Management and Budget
Lynn Davis, Student Financial Services
Miles Gibson, Process Simplification
Yvonne Hubbard, Student Financial Services
Ce Kimata, ITC
Bob LeHeup, Office of the University Registrar
Rachel Most, College of Arts and Sciences
Gary Nimax, Office of the Vice President for Finance
Don Reynard, ITC
Carol Stanley, Office of the University Registrar
Anda Webb, Office of the Vice President and Provost

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