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International Studies Office Team

As a result of suggestions made by the ISP/PS Steering Committee, the PS/ISO work group was launched in the spring of 2000. The purpose of this work group was to identify ways ISO could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of key services it provides to the University community. Specifically, the work group focused on improvements in the following areas: the process of "bringing in" new foreign faculty and staff to the University and extending and/or changing their visa status once they are on Grounds; the process of "bringing in" foreign undergraduate students; and the process of recruiting, advising, admitting, and orienting students who participate in Study Abroad.

Recommendations to improve the processes under review were presented to the ISP/PS Steering Committee in September 2000. Some of the recommended changes include: Updating and improving information available on its web site; designating departmental liaisons to facilitate visa processing; and administering training sessions for foreign nationals and departmental faculty and staff involved in visa processes. PS staff will assist the Vice Provost for International Affairs in implementing several of the recommendations.

Final Report (MS Word, 189 KB)

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