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In December of 2007, the Office of Public Affairs and Process Simplification (PS) were charged with creating an inventory of print publications at the University. This project was initiated by the Vice President for Management and Budget in order to gain perspective on the University’s expenditures for print publications. The goals of the project are to: a) collect comprehensive baseline data to gauge spending on print publications University-wide; b) identify individual publications; c) identify funding sources; and d) extrapolate from the data, opportunities for cost savings.

An executive summary of findings was reported to the PS Steering Committee. The Office of Public Affairs is utilizing the Senior Communicatiors Cabinet to investigate further improvements with regards to print publications throughout the University community. In order to explore opportunities for efficiency gains and increased effectiveness, four areas have been identified for further exploration: 1) Content and style – create an official University of Virginia style guide and a means to share stories and resources across the institution; 2) Contracts and resources – investigate printing and other resource contract options for best value; 3) Photo services - assess the viability of a central photo service; 4) Readership – assess readership of publications and explore alternative communication mediums.  This work is ongoing.

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