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Prospective Undergraduates Team

The purpose of the Prospective Undergraduates team is to recommend or advise the institution on how to develop University interactions with prospective and newly enrolled students and their parents that are:

  Of exceptional quality and service;
Clear and accurate;
Efficient and effective;
Personal; and

To that end, the team should examine student interactions with University offices/organizations by following the prospective and newly enrolled student from the point of inquiry to the end of the first semester. Examples of such interactions include, but are not limited to, course enrollment, tuition payment, and financial aid. Key team outputs should be to:

  Identify strategies to realize the goals of the ideal system;
Document the current system; and
Offer recommendations to bridge the gap between the current and ideal processes

The ultimate goal of the effort is "to make our institution of 20K students feel like an institution of 2k students."
Final report (MS Word, 93 KB)

Team Members
George Stovall, Institutional Assessment and Studies, Team Leader
Debbie McCormick, Office of Vice President for Management and Budget
Marilyn DeBerry, Office of Financial Aid
Mark Doherty, Housing Division
Steve Farmer, Admissions Office
Frank Griffiths, Transfer Undergraduate Student
Monica Nixon, Interim Assistant Director, Orientation and New Student Programs
Karen Ryan, Department of Slavic Languages & Literature
Carey Wilkinson, Second-Year Undergraduate Student
Lori Willy, Office of the University Registrar
Shelley Payne, Organizational Development and Training (consultant)

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