University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

Records Management

A team was established in March 2007 to examine current practices for the retention and destruction of records throughout the University and to propose improvements for more efficient, compliant and systematic records management.  The project findings have led to an increased emphasis on records management.  Beginning in the fiscal year 2009, responsibility for the records management function was transferred to the Vice President and Chief Information Officer from the Library.  Staffing for the function will be increased and a full-time records management officer will be hired to develop a comprehensive records retention/destruction program.  Improvements to the records management program will benefit the entire University community.

Team Members:
Madelyn Wessel, U.Va. Library
Christian Dupont, U.Va. Library
Sean Jenkins, Office of the President
Carolyn E. Fulk, Audit Department
Yvonne Hubbard, Student Financial Services
Susan M. Davis, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Cindy Vaught, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
Aron Teel, Information Technology and Communication
Steve Wasserman, School of Medicine
Rick Seaman, Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis

An Executive Summary Final Report is available. For additional information please contact Madelyn Wessel..

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