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Student Organizations and Programming Team

The Student Organizations and Programming Team (SOP) was launched in January 2001 to recommend a coordinated, accessible system which makes it easy and attractive for all students to participate in programming at the University. For the purposes of this endeavor, the team has defined programming as any extracurricular activity or event, provided for or by students, which enriches students' lives. Such programming includes, but is not limited to: student organizations; intramural and club sports; concerts, speakers, and festivals; and community outreach. While they may enrich the student experience, intercollegiate athletics and work-study jobs are not considered programming in this initiative.

SOP submitted its final design report in December 2001, and several teams and work groups have been formed to continue its work, including the CIO Services Implementation Team (CSIT), the Program Advising Work Group (PAWG), and the On-Line Reservations System Work Group (OLR). These teams expect to complete their work in Spring 2003.

Final Design Report (MS Word, 147 KB)

SOP Team Members
Terry Lockard, Director, Computing Support Services, ITC, chair
Donna Baker, Assistant Director for Operations, Newcomb Hall
Neil Bynum, Assistant Dean and Director, Luther P. Jackson Cultural Center, OAAA
Virginia Carter, Assistant to the President, Student Affairs
Virginia Evans, Director, Darden Information Services, Darden
Shawn Felton, Web Developer and Assistant Webmaster, University Relations
Moira Fogarty, second-year, CLAS
Becca Franklin, third-year, CLAS
Miles Gibson, Process Simplification Coordinator
Debbie Hoffman, Facilities Coordinator, Registrar
Aaron Laushway, Assistant Dean of Students, Dean of Students
Matt Newman, graduate student, GED
Cathy Pales, graduate student, Curry
Steven Reinemund, third-year, CLAS
Ed Rivers, Senior Associate Director, Intramurals
Portman Wills, fourth-year, CLAS

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