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Study Abroad Enrollment Process

The purpose of this work group is to examine study abroad enrollment processes in order to offer recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Enrollment processes for both International Studies Office (ISO) administered and ISO supported programs are being reviewed from the time of student application until trip departure or cancellation. Several offices are involved in performing the necessary enrollment actions, including the ISO, the Student Accounts Office, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Final Report (MS Word, 211 KB)

Work Group
Sarah Collie and Lea Moore, Process Simplification staff, are coordinating the work. The following individuals are being consulted on an as needed-basis:

Rebecca Brown, International Studies Office
Murielle Kervizic, International Studies Office
Mary Jo Bateman, International Studies Office
Tim Wojoski, International Studies Office
Carolyn Laquatra, International Studies Office
Bridget Ganey, International Studies Office
Y'vonne Hubbard, Student Financial Services
Melvin Miller, Student Financial Services
Kemper Steele, Student Financial Services
Shamim Sisson, Office of the Dean of Students
Daisy Hutcherson, Office of the Dean of Students
Donna Klepper, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Bill Fornadel, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

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