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Summer Communications Team

The purpose of the Summer Communications team is to review information distributed to undergraduate students who have committed to the University with the goals of improving the quality and timeliness of materials sent, generating cost savings, and determining the appropriateness/necessity of materials currently distributed. Accordingly, the team should consider the following in its work:

  Aligning the distribution of materials with major changes in technology and new student orientation;
Reducing the number of mailings;
Categorizing the information distributed to differentiate between materials that require action and those do not;
Improving the quality of the information distributed;
Recommending alternate means of distribution and receipt; and
Assessing the policy for release and use of student addresses.

The team is also responsible for developing the initial packet of information distributed to new students and their parents about summer orientation. This packet of information should be consistent with information distributed by the Admission Office.

Final report (MS Word, 23 KB)

Team Members
Louise Dudley, University Relations, team leader
David Bush, Graduate Student, Curry School of Education
Amy Eberly/Steve Kimata, Bursar
John Evans, Housing
Steve Farmer, Admission Office
Sandy German, ITC
Jonathan Kates, UVa Bookstore
Robert LeHeup, Office of the University Registrar
Matt Madden, Second-Year Undergraduate Student
Rachel Most, Arts and Sciences
Janice Obuchowski, Graduate Student, Arts and Sciences
Sharlene Sajonas, Financial Aid
Eleanor Sparagana, Housing

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