University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification Teams and Reports: Completed Teams

Training Administration Team (TAT)

Bringing together leaders from key provider areas and user groups at the University, the Training Alignment Team (TAT) exists for the purpose of: 1) devising a formal structure for coordinating training efforts across Grounds; 2) increasing institutional efficiency by improving communication and eliminating redundancy; and 3) ensuring training quality through common assessment standards.  In pursuit of these goals, the TAT will seek to accomplish the following objectives:


  1. List all training opportunities currently taking place at the University
  2. Create a training typology based on the categories that emerge from the comprehensive list
  3. Map each individual course offering onto a particular training categories


  1. Examine training categories to identify, eliminate, or combine (when desired) redundant course offerings
  2. Provide to the University community an integrated listing of all training offerings
  3. Establish guidelines to govern the creation of new training courses
  4. Establish mechanisms to ensure future collaboration and shared resources between training administrators


  1. Identify and implement training delivery and assessment best practices
  2. Gather and disseminate resources for training evaluation
  3. Create standardized course evaluation template for each type of training recognizing customization will be needed by providers


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