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Transcript Issuance Team

The purpose of the Transcript Issuance team is to evaluate the current transcript payment process with the goal of simplifying the process for all students (undergraduate, graduates, continuing education), alumni, and administrative offices involved in administering the fees.

The team should consider the possibility of replacing individual fees and/or including other "credentialing" fees (e.g., OCPP Recommendations File). The team's initial focus should be on the payment process. Once this evaluation is complete, a second phase of the team's work could be on the transcript request process.

Final Report (MS Word, 343 KB)

Team Members
Rebecca Leonard, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, McIntire School of Commerce, Team Leader
Melody Bianchetto, Director, Budget Office
Scott Caudill, Graduate Student, McIntire School of Commerce
Karen Knierim, Associate Director, Office of Career Planning and Placement
Robert LeHeup, Assistant Registrar, Office of the University Registrar
Christina Morell, Process Simplification Manager, Office of the Vice President for Management and Budget
Frank Papovich, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Roseann Parks, Director, Charlottesville Regional Center, Division of Continuing Education

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