University of Virginia Process Simplification
Process Simplification

University Mapping Initiative

The production of University maps is a decentralized function, often resulting in duplication of effort and varying map styles across Grounds.  This team was established in January 2009 to increase the efficiency and accuracy in the production of University maps. External benchmarking of peer institutional practices and surveys of users served as the basis for recommendations for improvement.  Final recommendations include consolidation of surface mapping functions, centralization of base mapping resources, creation of user self-service for mapping, increased educational efforts about available mapping resources, and regularly scheduled aerial flyovers.  The departments of Facilities Management and Space & Real Estate Management are currently reviewing the recommendations and collaborating on implementation.  Adoption of some or all of these improvements will reduce duplication of map production, promote greater consistency and accuracy, increase standardization, realize cost savings, and increase the level of service for the University community.
Team Members:
Scott Martin, Team Lead, Facilities Management
Garth Anderson, Facilities Management
Nicholas Bartley, Space and Real Estate Management
Todd Campbell, Medical Center
Julia Monteith, Office of the Architect
Bill Palmer, Office of the Architect

Final Report

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