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VISTAA - Virginia Student Academic Audit

In the Fall of 2002, the University Registrar began offering on-line access to academic audits via VISTAA, the Virginia Student Academic Audit. Academic audits are used by students, faculty, and staff to determine a student's progress toward completing all academic requirements and earning a degree. Before VISTAA, students and faculty were mailed academic audits that often contained outdated information. With VISTAA, students can log on to the Web virtually 24 hours a day and access their audits in real-time. By moving academic audits to the Web, the University saves tens of thousands of dollars each year that used to go for printing, mailing, and handling audits.

Visit the VISTAA site

VISTAA Team Members
Nancy Rivers
Miles Gibson
Stash Stanley
Rebecca Garver
Debbie Shifflett
Don Reynard
Ce Kimata
Debbie Mills
Bill Dunn
Lindsay Kidd
Laura Knott
Maynard Wood

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