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Workers' Compensation

Facilities Management and Housing identified two key areas for process improvements: simplifying the presentation of information regarding workers' compensation, and improving communication between UNIM, physicians, and the University. Final recommendations have been drafted and include: a redesign of the Workers' Compensation web page to show step by step the responsibilities of injured staff and their supervisors in the workers' compensation process and increased accessibility to First Script pharmacy cards, which employees are currently told to download from the Virginia Workers' Compensation web site. Additionally, the Workers' Compensation Packet that Facilities Management provides to its supervisors and staff is being revised to duplicate the information provided by the revised web page.

Changes have been implemented to clarify the process and better define the responsibilities of the injured employee and his supervisor. This information is available via the Human Resources web site. This simplified presentation of information should assist the University community more effectively address workers' compensation incidents. The new web pages include the following features:
  • A step-by-step table designating the responsibilities of the employee and the supervisor with hyperlinks to key information.
  • Contact information for questions about University policies and procedures.
  • Contact information for questions about claims coverage or medical payment.
  • Links to necessary official memoranda.
  • Printable pages for hard copy distribution and use.
Work Group
Miles Gibson, Process Simplification
Sarah Collie, Process Simplification
Linda Coiner, Human Resources
Linda Way Smith, Human Resources
Anne Broccoli, Human Resources
Donna Barnes, Facilities Human Resources

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