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John D. Simon
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3+1 Student Profiles

Catherine Winslow (Class '13)

Catherine WinslowCatherine, 20, graduated from her Connecticut high school with enough Advanced Placement credits - 23- to send her college career into overdrive. In May 2013, she will graduate with a history degree from the College of Arts & Sciences and a master's in secondary school teaching from Curry School of Education.

Peer Advice:
"I would even say if you know you have A/P credit coming in, tell your adviser at the very first meeting so you can have that in mind and make decisions based on that hope," she said. For example, Winslow learned she'd need summer classes to achieve her goal.

Arthur Pelham-Webb (Class '12)

Andrew Pelham-WebbArthur had accumulated "a semester's worth" of credits before he graduated. Between his first and second years, he earned 12 credits in the Summer Language Institute and realized that, if he earned six more between his second and third years, he could complete a double major in economics and religious studies in the College of Arts & Sciences.

He was accepted into the McIntire School of Commerce master's program, and will graduate in May 2012 with both degrees.

Peer Advice:
He cautions fellow students that pursuing a master's degree is not a typical fourth-year experience. "A lot of my friends are 'in fourth-year mode' and I'm in 'getting a master's mode,'" he said. "Compared to my workload last year, this is definitely a step up."