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Dudley Doane, Director
Rachel Miller, Associate Director
Janay Crabtree, M.A. English with emphasis in TESL, Ph.D. Linguistics
Brian Ullman, Special Programs Coordinator
Elizabeth Wittner, Academic Director & Coordinator of the International Teaching Assistant Training Program

Janay Crabtree, M.A. English, Ph.D. Linguistics
Jane Boatner, M.A.T. TESOL
Dudley Doane, M.A.T. TESOL, Ph.D. Education
Rachel Miller, M.A.Ed. Counseling, Ph.D. Education
Claudine O'Brien, B.A. French and History, ESL and Bilingual Education Certificates
Janet Stack, Ph.D. CCC-SLP
Elizabeth Wittner, M.S.Ed. TESOL and Writing/Reading Literacy
Matthew Scheffer, M.A. English with Emphasis in TESL
Eric E. Maceyko, Ph.D. Linguistics Carnegie Mellon
Katya Kilian, M.A. TESL
Jon Murphy, M.A. TESOL
Sarah Moseley, M.A. English
Shelly Lovelace, M.Ed.

Katya Kilian, M.A. TESL, Program Coordinator
Trecia Gunnoe, M.A. TESOL, Instructional Coordinator

Affiliated Faculty
Catherine Baritaud, STS, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Graduate Teaching Assistants
Cory-Alice Andre-Johnson
Tracie Canada