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International Teaching Assistants

International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)
The ITA program, administered by CAELC, the Teaching Resource Center (TRC), the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science (GEAS), and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is designed to assist international graduate students who speak a language other than English as their first language and who are prospective teaching assistants for their departments. The spoken English skills of a prospective ITA are evaluated by means of the SPEAK Test. A prospective ITA takes the SPEAK Test when s/he arrives at U.Va. or when s/he is asked to take the test by his/her department. Based on his/her SPEAK score, a prospective ITA may be advised to complete further language training by enrolling in a CAELC course. Final decisions on teaching assignments and financial awards are made by the home academic department and school of a prospective ITA.

All prospective graduate teaching assistants whose first language is one other than English are required to take the SPEAK Test. A score of at least 55 is required for permission to begin teaching without completion of appropriate oral language training.

Contact CAELC at 924 3371 or for additional information about testing and language training for prospective international teaching assistants.