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John D. Simon

John D. Simon
Executive Vice President & Provost

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Release of Information from Faculty Personnel Records

Faculty personnel files in the offices of department chairs and deans consist of initial letters offering employment, records of professional development revealed by annual reports, evaluations for tenure and promotion, and other matters of concern at the school level. An official personnel file is also kept in the Department of Human Resources and contains material related primarily to state employment matters. Information in these files which is not exempt from disclosure is available to faculty members, who may request the opportunity to review their personnel files from the department chair or dean or from the supervisor of faculty records. By University policy, confidential letters and statements of recommendation and evaluations of qualifications for employment, retention, or promotion are not available for access to faculty members.

The University adheres to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Virginia Privacy Protection Act of 1976. Categories of personnel information considered public information under the Freedom of Information Act are an individual employee's "position, job classification, official salary or rate of pay [above $10,000]...and allowances or reimbursements for expenses." Information on FOIA requests can be found at: