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Suggested Approaches to Major Challenges Line

Suggested Approaches to Major Challenges

  Bullet Resolve the tuition differential issue for out-of-state graduate students.
  Bullet Provide incentives to hire faculty with cross-disciplinary expertise so that schools could share faculty and maximize resources.
  Bullet Identify shared space that could be used for collaborative work between faculty from different schools; also for faculty to meet with students in an informal way. In addition, it would be useful to reserve parking at each school for faculty doing these types of cross-school activities.
  Bullet Interest in creating flexible degree programs that combine professional and academic disciplines (Architecture, Law, Business).
  Bullet Many of the collaborations with faculty and students from other schools are simply ad-hoc, based on personal relationships, because there are perceived to be administrative barriers to this type of cross-functional work (between schools, and sometimes between departments as well). The University should work to lower these barriers and provide financial incentives (or at least remove disincentives) to collaboration.
  Bullet In the same way, faculty should be rewarded for engaging in the priorities of the institution. For example, faculty engaged in patient care should see value for this aspect of their work reflected in their annual evaluations. In the same way, where collaboration outside one's department or school is desired, interdisciplinary work should be rewarded as an important component of faculty members' portfolios in the same way that publications and research are recognized.
  Bullet Look for more opportunities for alumni to interact with students.
  Bullet The University should create a standard platform for offering courses over the Internet.
  Bullet In order to aid faculty and graduate student recruitment, establish an office to assist in finding employment opportunities for "trailing" spouses.
  Bullet Provide opportunities for Associate Deans at all the schools to meet together monthly, to exchange information about what they're doing and opportunities for joint work.
  Bullet Department chairs and administrative leaders in each school should be encouraged to go beyond the "usual suspects" syndrome and distribute the administrative workload among faculty, to help expand participation in the overall life of the University.
  Bullet Provide more opportunities for publishing student research, either through the University Press or on the Web.



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