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Academic Faculty Diversity Session (May 3, 2002)
"A 177-year-old institution that was virtually all-white and all-male for 145 of those years, the University of Virginia has a past to overcome. And despite considerable progress over the past three decades, especially in the enrollment of women and minority students, its present remains far from perfect.* The faculty, administrators, students, and alumni who took part in the Envision session looked at the current environment for diversity at U.Va. and what the future could hold, if the right steps are taken." Full report.

General Faculty Diversity Session (October 15, 2002)
"The Envision Diversity session with members of the general faculty dovetailed in many ways with the sessions for students and faculty and for classified staff. Because they work as managers and administrators of programs that touch all areas of the University, their discussion embraced a global view of diversity at the University. Many of their concerns focused as much on the environment for students and faculty as they did on their own situations." Full report.

Classified Staff Diversity Session (October 9, 2002)
"Complementing the academic diversity session held last spring, the two Envision diversity sessions for classified staff raised a number of new issues. The meetings brought to the surface a wide range of concerns shared by minority staff, as well as problems that affect the wider classified workforce.
It was clear in both sessions that participants take great pride in their association with the University. Asked to enumerate what they see as the University’s strengths, participants cited the quality of the students, the ability to recruit top faculty, high national rankings, the rich history, the research enterprise, the top-100 medical center, the international reach of its programs, and the ability to raise private funds. As workers, they take comfort in the University’s stability, although the current budget situation is clearly seen as a threat." Full report.



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