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Chapter 7: Guide to News and Events

7.1 News and Current Events Sources

The Office of Public Affairs maintains a source page on their web site with links to several sources of information regarding goings on at the University.
The Alumni Association publishes the University of Virginia Magazine, which presents an overview of the University. It is published six times annually and distributed to as many as 100,000 alumni, faculty, and parents.

In order to keep people informed about the latest University news, Media Relations publishes a daily online Web site, UVA Today.

Of the many student publications, The Cavalier Daily receives the widest circulation and contains news and activities of interest to faculty and students. The Declaration is a weekly news magazine. For more information about student-run publications, clubs, and other organizations, visit the Student Activities Center.

Several telephone numbers are designated to supplement the information available through University web sites and publications: University Information provides listings for faculty and staff at 924-0311; the Student Locator at 924-3363 gives addresses and telephone numbers; the Newcomb Hall information desk at 924-3601; University Programs Council-sponsored events are available on their web site and described in a recording on 92HELLO.

7.2 Guides and Reports


The Manual of the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia 1998 sets forth the powers and duties of the board and those of the principal administrative officers and is available through the University Press.

President's Annual Report, published each December, provides a review of faculty achievements and institutional highlights as well as financial information about the University. Copies of current and past reports are available online.

The Directory of the University of Virginia, a listing of telephone, fax, e-mail, and mailing information, is circulated to students, faculty, and staff each fall. New faculty may request copies from the information desk in Newcomb Hall.

The University Record provides a complete listing of undergraduate and graduate courses.

The University Data, issued annually by Institutional Assessment, and Studies, is the repository of institutional statistical information on all aspects of the University, including demographic data on students, faculty, and staff; academic achievement and admissions data for each school; and University-wide financial data.

The UVa Map/Guide to the Grounds is distributed free to visitors at the University Information Center and to University departments for a fee at UVA's storehouse (982-5392).

The UVA Health System publishes a listing of outpatient, visitor, and community services, including phone numbers, billing procedures, and transportation services in their online Services and Amenities Guide.

Academic Affairs

Promotion and tenure policies of individual schools are available through the Office of the Dean of the respective school.

The Summer Session Faculty Handbook is available from the Summer Session Office and is distributed to all faculty teaching in the Summer Session.

Teaching at the University of Virginia. A Handbook for Faculty and TAs, produced by the Teaching Resource Center, offers basic information about teaching at UVA and about offices that serve instructors and students, as well as innovative and thought-provoking perspectives on teaching undergraduates, mentoring graduate students as TAs, and grading students' work.

Teaching Concerns, a newsletter published by the Teaching Resource Center, contains notices of workshops, panels, and seminars on teaching topics, as well as articles about effective teaching methodologies.