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John D. Simon

John D. Simon
Executive Vice President & Provost

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Academic Policy Development

Policies that impact multiple VP areas are reviewed through the Policy Review Committee (PRC). These policy concepts are initially presented to the President’s cabinet as either new policies or major revisions to current policies. If the cabinet recommends development of the policy, it will ultimately be reviewed by the PRC. Following the PRC’s review, the policy will come before the president or the provost for final approval.

Academic policies falling under the provost go through the following development and review process:

  1. The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost revises or creates policies based on issues, comments, and concerns that have been brought forward. The policy development process is initiated by an internal committee of Provost's staff including several vice provosts. On new policies, this internal committee works directly with the provost on the initial review.

  2. Once a working draft is developed, the policies are sent for further review to school “policy” deans, associate deans appointed by each of the school deans to review policies. It is the responsibility of these policy deans to talk with their deans and others in their schools to provide our office with feedback.

  3. Drafts for review are also sent to the Faculty Senate's policy committee for a 30-day review.

  4. All feedback is collected and changes are incorporated into a revised draft. If needed, additional meetings are scheduled to discuss the policy. If changes are extensive, steps 1-3 may be repeated.

  5. If it is a policy that crosses multiple vice presidential areas, it is sent to the University's Policy Review Committee for further vetting and review by that committee.

  6. Once the policy is fully vetted and all the approvals are in place, the policy is posted to the University Policy Directory portal.