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2008 Academic Community Engagement Award Faculty Recipients

  • Barbara Braddock: Curry School in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology. “Neurogenic Communication Disorders Based in Cognitive Dysfunction”: Students work with Alzheimer's Association and its clients to improve clients' cognitive abilities and to develop preventative strategies.

  • Paxton Marshall and Bob Swap: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences. “Engineering in Community Settings”: Students learn and discuss theories and principles of community partnerships that are unique to engineering-based engagements with local and international organizations and communities.

  • Nisha Botchwey: School of Architecture. “Neighborhood Planning Workshop”: Students work with local community housing organizations to research impact of foreclosure crisis on area's low income neighborhoods.

  • Elizabeth McGarvey: School of Medicine. “Healthy Appalachia”: Students collaborate with regional health organizations to assess medical needs and healthcare support systems for Southwest Virginia.

  • Tanya Denckla Cobb and Tim Beatley: Institute for Environmental Negotiation and Architecture School. “Planning for a Secure and Sustainable Community Food System”: Students work with local planning organizations like Thomas Jefferson Planning District to assess food issues facing Charlottesville including health, water, and transportation.

  • Ed Berger: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “EPICS: Community Service in Engineering”: Engineering students work on local community projects to gain experience in basic engineering, technology, and computing principles.

  • Dawn Rigney: School of Nursing. “Community Health Nursing”: Students apply principles of health promotion to vulnerable populations served by organizations such as Crescent Halls, JABA, and the Alzheimer's Association.

  • Gwen Ottinger: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Department of Science, Technology and Society. “Technology and Environmental Justice”: Students work with national or local environmental organizations to help them collect and interpret technical data and to use scientific evidence in organizations' arguments for environmental change.

  • Paxton Marshall: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. "Building Energy Systems Design and Evaluation": is part of the EcoMod project which provides sustainable, affordable, modular housing using green design principles.

  • Betsy Tucker: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Drama. “DRAM 491: Senior Seminar Prison Theatre”: Students perform plays and teach basic principles of drama to engage juvenile delinquents in positive productive activities.

  • Frank Dukes: School of Architecture. “Righting Unrightable Wrongs: 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Closing of the Charlottesville Schools”: Community members serve as guest lecturers in course that examines impact of segregation of Charlottesville schools on today's Charlottesville community.

  • Mo Nadkarni: School of Medicine Social Issues in Medicine. "Building Bridges to the Community”: Community members serve as guest lecturers to help students understand local healthcare challenges.

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