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2010 Academic Community Engagement Award Faculty Recipients

  • Suzanne Morse Moomaw: School of Architecture, Urban and Environmental Planning
    "Leadership for Community Change"
    This course will examine the impace of adaptive, collaborative leaders on the long-term outcome of urban and rural areas. We will discuss the effects of politics on a community's agenda, analyze the role of citizens in determining the outcomes of community initiatives, and explore ways to create opportunities for deliberations.
    Community Partner: Dr. Rosa Atkins, Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools

  • Teresa B. Culver: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    "Stormwater Management"
    The project-based course focuses on the management and monitoring of stormwater quantity and quality in our local watershed. While teaming with local watershed managers, students will learn the impacts, environmental goals, regulatory requirements, and the management and design alternatives for runoff, especially for urban areas.
    Community Partner: Leslie Middleton, Executive Director, Rivanna River Basin Commission

  • Reid Bailey: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Department of Systems and Information Engineering
    "Introduction to Engineering"
    The focus of this class is to expose first-year engineering students to the fun and challenge of engineering through design projects. Most sections of the course do this with fictional design projects that do not have real clients. This section will have a real client in the Charlottesville community. A heavy emphasis is placed on developing student knowledge and skills about engineering design, teamwork and communication.
    Community Partner: Jennifer Elmore, Exhibits Coordinator, Virginia Discovery Museum

  • Elke Zschaebitz: School of Nursing, Department of Family, Community, and Mental Health Systems
    "Healthy Appalachia Nurse Practitioner Community-based Preceptorships"
    This course is designed to educate graduate nurse practitioner students in the culture and health of far SW Virginia. This course will include clinical preceptorships in the Coalfields region at Care Connections for Children, the Virginia Health Department in Wise, and the Health Wagon in Clinchco. It will include a didactic piece on using telehealth to serve rural populations.
    Community Partners: Kathy Robinson, Care Connections for Children; Teresa Gardner, Health Wagon; and, Sue Cantrell, Virginia Department of Health for Wise, Lee, and Scott Counties

  • Michelle Kisliuk: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Music
    "African Music and Dance Ensemble and Performance in Africa"
    This course is a practical, hands-on class focusing on several dance/music forms from Western and Central Africa. Special attention is given to developing tight ensemble dynamics, aural muscianship, and a polymetric sensibility. We address, in light of every performance, issues of culture, race, representation, and the aesthetics of interpersonal group dynamics.
    Community Partners: Dr. Elizabeth McCay, Principal, Jackson-Via Elementary School and Rebecca Jones, Music Teacher, Jack Jouett Middle School

  • Tanya Denckla Cobb: Associate Director, Institute for Environmental Negotiation. School of Architecture, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning
    Timothy Beatley: Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities
    "Community Food Systems"
    Using case studies of cities and regions throughout the world, including the U.S., students will explore global food and community health issues through the lens of food systems. Students will also work with specific local community populations (e.g., immigrants on WIC, migrant farm labor, and seniors) to expand their access to fresh, healthy foods.
    Community Partners: Jefferson Area Board for Aging, Charlottesville Obesity Task Force, and the Virginia Farmworkers Legal Assistance Project

  • David Cattell-Gordon: School of Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences
    "Faith, Culture, Health and Community Organizing in the Coalfields of Virginia"
    This course will provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to engaged community need in the Coalfields of Appalachian SW Virginia using the skills of community organizing. Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of Appalachian culture, competency in analytical skills as well as understanding of the concept of social justice as it relates to health disparities by working with community partners.
    Community Partners: Teresa Gardner, Health Wagon; Sue Cantrell, Virginia Department of Health for Wise, Lee, and Scott Counties; and, Marcia Queensberry, the Healthy Appalachia Institute at UVa-Wise

  • Jennifer Merritt: Director of Mentoring and Diversity at the UVa Women's Center, and Mitch Green, Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences and the Women's Center, Charlottesville City Schools "Philosophy Curriculum as Service Learning with High School Teachers/Students"
    UVa students will collaborate with UVa faculty and local high school teacheres to develop and implement philosophy curriculum and programming that supports the delivery of the Virginia SOL's for teens at-risk from the Charlottesville City and Albemarle County Schools.
    Community Partners: Jim Hendersen and the Henry Avenue Learning Center

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