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Office of University Community Partnerships
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 400308
Charlottesville, VA
Physical Address:
Booker House
1709 University Ave
Charlottesville, VA 22904

For Faculty

The Office for Community Partnerships offers support for faculty through grants and networking opportunities. This is in an effort to encourage course development, research, and service projects that address real world problems.

In collaboration with the Teaching Resource Center we also offer course design workshops and opportunities for faculty to exchange best practices in teaching community engagement courses.

Funding Opportunities

  • Academic Community Engagement (ACE) Faculty Fellow Grants
    To encourage student learning and foster innovative academically-based public service universitywide, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost announces funds to support faculty development of academically-based community engagement courses. Awards range from $5K to $9K.
    Cover Sheet and Application (PDF)

  • Academic Community Engagement (ACE) Course Assistant Awards The ACE Course Assistant Awards
    The ACE Course Assistant Awards are intended to expand capacity of faculty to offer public community engagement experiences in their classes. These awards are funds for graduate or undergraduate students to provide academic community engagement courses with ongoing logistical and classroom support throughout the semester. Awards range from $2K to $3K.
    Cover Sheet and Application (PDF)

  • University Community Academic Partnership Assistance Awards
    The University Community Academic Partnership (UCAP) Assistance Awards provide faculty with funds to advance university community partnerships necessary for student academic learning experiences. These funds are intended to enhance partnership capacity not covered by course assistant funds or faculty fellow funds. Awards are up to $1K.
    Cover Sheet and Application (PDF)

Internal Funding Opportunities

  • Community Based Research Grants
    Community Based Research Grants provide opportunities for students to develop research projects that apply their academic skills, experiences, and ideas to real world problems.
  • Institute on Aging
    The Institute's mission is to enrich the lives of elders by acting as a catalyst and coordinator for aging-related research. Funding for student assistance with collaborative, community-based research in the field of aging is available to students up to $5,000.

Best Practices Resources

Best Practices in Community Engagement
Community engagement can be difficult to define clearly, but at its heart, it is the intersection of the complementary efforts of members of the lay community, community non-profit organizations, health practitioners and medical and public health researchers to improve health.


For more information on the best practices for University faculty and staff working with community partners review the Best Practice Briefs:

University-Community Partnerships: Providing Useful Reports (PDF)

Universities Working with Communities an Evolving Partnership (PDF)

Partnership Tips: Working with Agencies (PDF)

Benchmarks for Campus/Community Partnerships (PDF)

Working Guidelines for Community - University Partnerships (PDF)

The How To's of Community Partnerships (PDF)


Connect with colleagues interested in academic community engagement.