Books on Particle-Solid Interactions

General - Interactions of Radiation with Matter

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Energy Loss and Stopping Power. Penetration and range distributions

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Electron Emission

Baragiola, R. A., ed. (1993) Ionization of Solids by Heavy Particles (NATO Science Series B), Springer
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Ion Beam Analysis 

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Ion Implantation

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Radiation Biology & Medical Applicataions

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Specimen Handling, Preparation, and Treatments in Surface Characterization

 Edited by Alvin W. Czanderna, Cedric J. Powell, and Theodore E. Madey.
 Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 1999
 ISBN: 0-306-45887-X

Conference Proceedings

Materials Science Applications of Ion Beam Techniques
Eds.: A.G.Balogh, G.Walter
Materials Science Forum Volumes 248-249
Trans Tech Publications, 1997
Beam-Solid Interactions for Materials Synthesis and Characterization
Vol. 354 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series
Materials Research Society 1996, 746 pp., 67-80 U$S 
Ion-Solid Interactions for Materials Modification and Processing
Vol 396 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series
Materials Research Society 1996, 897 pp., 65-70 U$S 
Handbook of Modern Ion Beam Materials Analysis
Eds.: J.R.Tesner, M. Nastasi, J.C.Barbour, C.J.Maggiore, and J.W.Mayer
Materials Research Society 1995, 700 pp., 125-230 U$S 
Microstructure of Irradiated Materials
Eds.: I.M. Robertson, L.E. Rehn, S.J.Zinkle, W.J.Phythian
Vol 373 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series
Materials Research Society 1995. 569 pp, 71-76 U$S. 
Beam Solid Interactions for Materials Synthesis and Characterization
Eds.: D.E. Luzzi, T.F. Heinz, M. Iwaki and D.C. Jacobson
Vol 354 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series
Materials Research Society 1994. 75-80 U$S. 
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