The Program in Sensory and Systems Neuroscience is a competitive neuroscience training program in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia. The goal of the Program is to prepare students for careers of excellence in neuroscience research and teaching.
     We offer a curriculum that includes courses in neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, statistics, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Students are encouraged to tailor their coursework to suit their needs by including courses such as cell biology, molecular biology and immunology, and by participating in seminars on current topics. We are affiliated with the neuroscience training program at the University of Virginia Medical School, and students from these programs interact extensively in classrooms and laboratories.
     A key feature of the Program is that students are trained to apply interdisciplinary techniques to questions of neuronal, endocrine and immune influences on nervous system structure and function. Students are encouraged to work with several laboratories to gain experience in multiple techniques or approaches, ultimately choosing a laboratory in which to conduct their thesis research. Our laboratories utilize molecular and celluar, anatomical, physiological and behavioral techniques to answer questions at multiple levels of analysis. Consequently, our laboratories are well-equipped for this broad-based approach to research; our facilities include light, electron and confocal microscopes, equipment for microdialysis with HPLC, and resources for conducting electrophysiological and molecular biological experiments.
     Another strength of our program is the opportunity to acquire teaching experience. Graduate students co-teach two semesters of a laboratory course in neuroscience for undergraduates, and have the opportunity to assist with larger lecture courses. Students demonstrating excellence in teaching may apply for a Teaching Fellowship, which allows them to develop and teach a course independently.
     Requirements for the Ph.D. degree include successful completion of coursework, a qualifying exam taken during the summer after the second year of graduate work, a predissertation research paper, and a doctoral dissertation. The program does not offer a terminal masters' degree.

For an application, please click here. Application Deadline: Dec 1, 2007