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LIFE Faculty:

  •  John Nesselroade, Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor of Psychology has been awarded the distinction of Honorary Lifetime Associate by his colleagues throughout by The Center for Optimal Adult Development (COAD). This award is provided to a "difference maker" within the multidisciplinary fields of Adult Development.

2013 LIFE Fellow:

  •  The LIFE program welcomes our new LIFE fellow, Alexander J. Schiller

2012 LIFE Fellows:


  • Geneva T. Dodson is a doctoral student in Quantitative Psychology at UVa, working with Steve Boker on idiographic methods of modeling development. Her current work involves the use of idiographic methods in data with missingness as well as construct validity across age-dependent measures of theoretically identical latent constructs.

  • Laura M. Getz is a doctoral student in Cognitive Psychology at UVa interested in auditory perception (especially music perception) and cross-modal interactions.


2011 LIFE Fellows:

  • Riana Anderson is a 3rd year in Clinical Psychology, working with Mel Wilson on Sociodemographic factors that influence parenting and subsequent child outcome. She recently completed her Master’s thesis, and is progressing to the Comps. she received a Doris Buffett Fellowship for her work this summer. She is also the new Co-Fellow Speaker.

  • David Dobolyi is a 3rd year in Cognitive Psychology, working with Chad Dodson on the topic of eyewitness memory, who is currently completing his Master’s thesis.

  • Eric Smith is a 4th year in Developmental Psychology, working with Angeline Lillard and Jamie Morris. His program of research broadly focuses on how fictional mediums affect us throughout the lifespan, and he employs behavioral and functional neuroimaging techniques in his empirical pursuits. He is currently working on his Comprehensive Exams, and recently published a paper in Journal of Cognition and Development.


Past Fellows:

  • Tim Brick started a post-doc at the MPI in Berlin, Germany

  • Liz Tenney started a post-doc at UC Berkeley.

Fellow Achievements:

  • Chris Beam spent the summer on a LIFE visiting fellowship in Berlin working with Michael Eid investigating how latent trait–state models can be applied to twin studies to show how siblings develop and persist over the life span.

  • Jennifer Green completed her comprehensive exams.
  • Matthew Lerner published a paper in Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and a book chapter in the Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention. He was also selected by the Graduate Students at UVA to present a department-wide Graduate Student Choice colloquium.
  • Thomas Talhelm completed a summer research project in Beijing, partially funded by the NSF. He also completed a pre-diss on how liberals and conservatives have different cognitive styles. He is also hoping to organize a LIFE exchange for himself this coming Fall or Spring.




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