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Who we are

The Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic is a facility sponsored by the Department of Psychology's Clinical Training Program. The Ainsworth Clinic is staffed by clinical faculty members and supervised graduate student therapists. The Clinic provides confidential psychological services at no charge.

What we do

Services offered include assessment and treatment of a wide range of problems, such as interpersonal and relationship difficulties, personal adjustment problems, and anxiety, depression, or other emotional concerns. Both short-term and long-term psychotherapy are available from a variety of orientations. More specialized psychological interventions may be offered as well, such as treatments for eating disorders and the use of Cognitive Behavior therapy for anxiety disorders, such as phobias, compulsions, and obsessions. Couples, family, and group therapy may be offered on a limited basis.

Department of Psychology Clinical Faculty

Faculty Clinic Coordinator: Lee Llewellyn, Ph.D.

  • Joseph Allen, Ph.D.
  • James Coan, Ph.D.
  • Robert Emery, Ph.D.
  • Noelle Hurd, Ph.D
  • Lee Llewellyn, Ph.D.
  • N. Dickon Reppucci, Ph.D.
  • Eric Turkheimer, Ph.D.
  • Melvin Wilson, Ph.D.
  • Bethany Teachman, Ph.D.


Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic
108 Gilmer Hall
P.O. Box 400400
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4400
Phone: 982-4737
E-mail: ainsworth@virginia.edu


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