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Welcome to The Child Development Labs at The University of Virginia

We are part of the Department of Psychology at The University of Virginia. Our researchers are dedicated to studying how children think about and learn from the world around them. We study many facets of children's development, such as when babies start to understand emotions, how toddlers make moral evaluations, how television affects preschoolers, and how to communicate with nonspeaking autistic children.

The labs are currently seeking children between the ages of 0 - 12 years. All of the labs’ studies are designed to be quick and fun, where children usually read a story, play a game or watch a video. At the end of a study, children receive a prize for participation. Please, register to take part in our studies and help The Child Development Laboratories gain essential and valuable insights into child development.

We are grateful to the thousands of families who have participated in our research over the years. By volunteering for our studies, you have contributed significantly to our knowledge of child development.