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Director: Dr. Tobias Grossmann
The Baby Lab examines the brain processes underpinning social interaction and cognition during infancy. Specifically, the lab is interested in how infants process social information, such as eye gaze, and uses electroencephalography (EEG) and other neuroimaging techniques to better uncover infants’ brain functioning.
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Early Development Lab

Director: Dr. Angeline Lillard
The Early Development Lab conducts a series of studies examining Montessori education, television and children’s executive function, and pretend play. The lab also examines children’s prosocial behavior, and which forms of media (e.g. books, televisions, touchscreens) children are most likely to imitate and learn from.
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Early Social Development Lab

Director: Dr. Amrisha Vaish
The Early Social Development Lab is primarily interested in the social, emotional, and moral development of children. The lab’s studies use both behavioral measures and eye-tracking to better understand children’s behavior.
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Jaswal Lab

Director: Dr. Vikram Jaswal
The Jaswal Lab studies the cognitive and social processes underlying communication to better understand and support individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. The lab's goal is to translate research findings into effective, innovative, and useful models to enhance the lives of children and adults with autism.
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