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Research Labs and Faculty

Baltes, Paul - Cognitive Aging - new faculty

Bice, Raymond C. - emeritus

Bonvillian, John D.  - (Developmental) Language 

Clore, Gerald - (Social) Social Cognition and Emotion Laboratory

DeLoache, Judy - (Developmental) Child Study Center

Dodson, Chad - Memory Laboratory

Jaswal, Vikram - (Developmental) Child Learning and Language Laboratory

Kubovy, Michael - Perceptual Organization Laboratory

Lillard, Angeline - (Developmental) Early Social Cognition Laboratory

Nosek, Brian A. - (Social) Implicit Social Cognition Laboratory

Proffitt, Dennis R.- Perception and Cognitive Science Laboratory

Salthouse, Timothy - Cognitive Aging Laboratory

Schulman, Arthur I. - emeritus

Spellman, Barbara A. - Reasoning and Memory Laboratory

Willingham, Daniel T. - Learning and Memory Laboratory


Graduate Students

Back Row: Diane Berish, Sameer Bawa, Jim Miles, Jessi Witt, Jeanine Stefanucci, Phoebe Weiskopf, Lacy Krueger, Mike Schutz, Jon Bakdash

Front Row: Aysha Keisler, Karen Siedlecki, Janet Palmer, Mandy Hege

Not pictured: Cedar Riener, Martin van den Berg, Lars Strother, Barry Chen