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What must I do in order to use the Participant Pool?

  • Make sure you have IRB approval for your project
  • Submit an HSC application online
  • Wait for approval and your experiment number and password
  • Go to the Experimetrix Website for UVA
  • Select "Experimenter Area"
  • Type in the experiment number (login) and password you were given
  • Select "Edit Header" to add your experiment information
  • To get back to the main menu after submitting changes, click on "Experimenter Options"
  • Select "Change Password" to change the password to something you will remember, and distribute it to your RAs
  • Select "Add New Times" to create appointments for your participants, for help go to Experimetrix's Help for Experimenters.
  • Select "View Schedule", check the box next to "Display Experiments to Students" and click "Apply changes on this page" to make your experiment visible to students.
  • After the experimental session, select "View Schedule" to award credit (or penalty) to the participant.

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