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Learn more about the development of Black Leadership through the Explorations in Black Leadership Education Page. Over 30 influential Black Leaders from a variety of backgrounds have been interviewed about issues in Black Leadership. This site guides participants to clips of video interviews. By viewing the clips and completing the activities students will better understand what leadership is and how they can become leaders.
Brief Biographies of Leaders
EBL Main Page

What Makes a Good Leader?
Find out what a leader is, how leaders are created, and the characteristics of good leaders.
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The Importance of a Role Model
Find out what a role model really is and places you can find a positive role model for yourself.
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Communication is the Key
Find out why communication is important. Explore how different leaders communicate ideas to different groups to reach their audience.
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Civil Rights Leadership Part I - The Civil Rights Era
Find out about leadership the Civil Rights Era. Discover who some of the leaders were and some of the dangers of being a Civil Rights worker.
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Civil Rights Leadership Part II - Civil Rights & Social Activism
Find out about Americans' civil rights and the importance of protecting them through social action.
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Leadership Profile
Find out how to write your own profile about one of the leaders featured on the site. Explore their early life, career, successes, and challenges.
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Explorations in Black Leadership Web Quest
Explore the internet to find out more about the history of Black leadership. Learn about different organizations and their importance. Earn points to prove you are a Black leadership super sleuth.
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Final Exam
Take this final exam to see what you know about Black Leaders. It should be a breeze if you?ve complete the other modules.
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